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27 May

“In short, private piety arises out of public piety, not vice versa.  This emphasis on corporate worship included congregational singing, and the continuity of the covenant of grace in both Testaments gave the Psalms the prominence that they had in better days…for Calvin at least, piety is not just something that is taught; it is also “caught”: as we pray, so we believe (lex orandi, lex credendi). True doctrine is inculcated not only by direct instruction but also by the patterns of public worship and fellowship in the communion of saints in family life, and in everyday callings.”
-Michael Horton, from Calvin on the Christian Life (Crossway, 2014)


How About A Few New Books For the New Year?

20 Dec


As believers, a great thing we can do for our personal growth and encouragement is read books.  And while there are many books you could read, I wanted to suggest five that I have read and found very beneficial.  I hope that you will consider making it your “resolution” to pick one of these up in the New Year:

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism (Pastor Mark Dever)
This is a great resource on defining the Gospel and our calling to share it with others.

One-To-One Bible Reading (David Helm)
Did you know that over 60% of young people say they would read the Bible with someone if they were asked? David Helm’s book explores how to read the Bible one-to-one, and the way God works through His Word to draw people to Himself.

Tempted & Tried (Dr. Russell Moore)
In this well-written book, Dr. Russell Moore (professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) examines the temptation of Christ in the wilderness, the ways in which we are tempted in exactly the same ways each and every day, and the hope that we must cling to in order to escape sin. 

God’s Big Picture (Vaughan Roberts)
Have you ever wondered how the Old and New Testaments fit together?  Vaughan Roberts helps show the over-arching story of the Bible and the way it all points us to Christ.  

The Trellis and The Vine (Colin Marshall & Tony Payne)
This is a great book for leaders, exploring the trellis (programs) and vine (organic involvement, outreach, and growth) of the local church.  Asks the question: What should disciple-making look like?


Photo Credit: Carnlough Presbyterian Church

Books? Reading? I’m in…

16 Oct

I’ve always found reading to be an enjoyable exercise, as well as a crucial way of growing in my understanding of God, my calling, and the world around me.  I wanted to link to an article that provides some simple, effective tools for reading and creating a reading culture in your church.

Check it out here.

Let me know what you think…

Summer Reading List

25 Jun

Summer is here, and with it comes the opportunity to put back a few extra books.  Here are a list of books I plan to read this summer, as well as a couple I recommend for your own summer reading:

Gospel-Centred Leadership







1. Gospel-Centered Leadership (Steve Timmis)

The Kingdom of God







2. The Kingdom of God (ed. Christopher Morgan & Robert A. Peterson)

The Attributes of God







3. The Attributes of God (A.W. Pink)

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination







4. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (Loraine Boettner)

A Praying Life







5. A Praying Life (Paul Miller)

The Complete Stories







6. The Complete Stories (Flannery O’Connor)

The Brothers K







7. The Brothers Karamazov (Fyodor Dostoevsky)


Prayer and the Voice of God







1. Prayer and the Voice of God (Philip Jensen & Tony Payne)

Fruit of the Spirit Is







2. The Fruit of the Spirit Is… (J.V. Fesko)

One-To-One Bible Reading







3. One-To-One Bible Reading (David Helm)

Exodus: Book List

26 May


Last week, I was asked about the various books I have mentioned over the course of the series through the book of Exodus.  So, I wanted to list them here, in order that you can explore these various books as well:

Title (Author

The Transforming Power of the Gospel (Jerry Bridges

The Fruit of the Spirit Is… (J.V. Fesko

The Gospel of Matthew (Tyler Helfers

One-To-One Bible Reading (David Helm)

Biblical Theology In The Life Of The Church (Michael Lawrence) 

The Cross-Centered Life (C.J. Mahaney

Words from the Fire (Albert Mohler

Tempted and Tried (Russell Moore

The Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series: Exodus (J.A. Motyer

God’s Big Picture (Vaughan Roberts

The Christ of the Covenants (O. Palmer Robertson

The Shepherd Leader (Timothy Witmer)

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