Fargo, Realism in Film, and Why I Yearn For Christ’s Return

5 Nov

I was writing a paper this morning when the theme song to “Fargo” came on iTunes.  Carter Burwell’s score perfectly captures the essence of this tragic kidnapping-gone-wrong film.  As I listened to it, it struck me that some of my favorite movies–movies that sparked great emotion within me–have been tragedies.  Whether its their realism, character development, or plot, or all three, films like Fargo, The Great Gatsby, and Mystic River elicit great emotional responses from me.

The more I think about it, I believe it has to do with the way in which each reveals the brokenness of this world, the fallenness of humanity, and the way in which these things play out in our everyday lives.  Accidents occur, people cross one another, deception, greed, and anger abound.  Injustices that I am oftentimes blind to in real life, in the world around me, are made stunningly clear in movies, and this provokes a twofold reaction within me:

1. I yearn for Christ to return; to consummate His Kingdom; to rid the world of evil; to make all things new.

2. I am reminded of my own sinfulness, and I desire to be used in even small ways to work for the good of mankind; to restore insofar as I can the brokenness around me.

So, my question to you today is: What do the movies you like most tell you about yourself and the world around you?


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