On Christian Zeal

7 May

Living Zealously

In their book, Living Zealously, Joel Beeke and James La Belle explore Christian zeal from the perspective of the Puritans (including William Ames, Oliver Bowles, John Evans, John Reynolds, Christopher Love, and others).  Beginning with the nature of Christian zeal, the authors lay out six marks of those who are truly zealous. I’ve listed them below for you to read, consider, and meditate on:

1. Christian zeal is marked by love for God
2. Christian zeal is ruled by Scripture
3. Christian zeal is devoted to good works
4. Christian zeal begins with self-examination
5. Christian zeal cares about others
6. Christian zeal is constant (consistent/even-keeled)

Over the course of the next few weeks, in addition to regular posts (links, quotables, etc.), we will explore each of these marks of Christian zeal from Beeke & La Belle’s book and the pages of Scripture.


Have Thoughts?

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