Quotables from the Desiring God Conference 2012 (Pt. 1)

7 Oct

As I steadily try to digest the fire hose of information from the Desiring God Conference, here are a few quotations from the main plenary sessions:

“The Son [Jesus Christ] is the preeminent brother to whom we are being conformed, so that our praise might be what its meant to be.”-John Piper

“Jesus, the Great Physician, has many medicines for motivation for sanctification in our lives.”-Kevin DeYoung

“Celebrate the all-encompassing grace of God in our sanctification.”-Kevin DeYoung

“Though the brain has limits and these limits are imposed on the body, there are no brain limitations on our sanctification.”-Ed Welch

“Seek to know the person you are counseling in such a way that they feel known and that you are affected by the hardness of their life.”-Ed Welch

“[When you see someone come to a realization in counseling] do you see this as merely the first step toward a goal, or as the condescending work of God in our sanctification.”-Ed Welch

“God does not leave us to ourselves, but gives us means of grace to grow us in holiness.”-Jarvis Williams

“We should strive to lift up God-centered, Word-oriented, Christ-exalting, Spirit-empowering prayers.”-Jarvis Williams


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