30 Apr

Myopia-A condition of the eye which results in defective vision of distant objects

As fallen people in a fallen world, we tend to suffer from Myopia.  Yes, some of us suffer from literal, physical Myopia, but that’s not what I have in mind.  We tend to suffer from spiritual Myopia.

Its easy for us to see our story: our thoughts, our experiences, our emotions, our desires, etc.  We live in a postmodern world in which this is this is the only story.  Yet, there is a greater one that we tend to miss: God’s story.

God’s story is one that encompasses all of our own stories and conforms them to His plans and purposes to bring glory to His name.  At the center of His story is Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  Oh! what a glorious thing to remember!

What are the consequences?  Our lives have meaning and a purpose.  The people we meet and the things we do all contribute to this, and paint a small part of the masterpiece of God’s glorious creation that extends through time and space.  Recognizing God’s greater story–especially what He has already done and has promised to do–enables us to live out our small stories freely, uniquely, and yet, in conformity to His story. All of which serves to glorify God.

I tend to read a lot of books.  One of the things that tends to happen when I read is that I become engrossed in the story.  Everything else fades into the background.  My wife will say something, and I will only catch half of it.  Then, I have to ask her to repeat herself so that I can catch her full statement.  But in order to do so, I have to look up from the story I’m reading.  Likewise, God is calling us to look up out of our own story and to peer out at His vast, glorious story.  We must listen for His voice, seek Him out through His Word, and see what He is doing.

God help us to cast off our spiritual myopia.


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