Bible Studies As Discipleship

11 Apr

The study of God’s Word is always an opportunity for discipleship.  Bible studies provide an environment for people to ask questions about the Scriptures and discuss what God is saying in community with other believers.  By asking questions, honestly stating our lack of understanding—or misunderstanding—of Scripture, and engaging in thoughtful discussion, believers are built up in their convictions (sound doctrine).

Studying the Bible in community with other believers also challenges and convicts people with regard to their character.  Is the sound doctrine manifesting itself in grace-driven obedience to the commands of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?  We do not want to become people who merely puff themselves up with knowledge of Scripture, but rather, people who see the sound teachings of Scripture flowing out in love and good deeds towards others.

Finally, Bible studies serve as a training ground for future leaders/teachers.  I find it particularly exciting to think that when we gather to study the Bible, we are a part of discipling our future leaders.  Bible studies allow future leaders/teachers a place in which they can learn how to ask good questions, provoke people to good works, and proclaim the redemptive work of Christ from all of Scripture.


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