My Atheist Friend Already Has A Relationship With God

14 Jan

Imagine the following exchange:

Person #1: So, do you believe in God?

Person #2: No.

Person #1: Well, would you like to have a relationship with God?

Person #2: I already have one.

Wait. What? How is that possible?

Whether we want to admit it or not, asking someone is they would like to have a relationship with God is a insufficient way of presenting the Gospel because it is aimed at something every person already has with God, namely a relationship.  The real question is, what is the context of that relationship.

Atheists have a relationship with God.  Muslims have a relationship with God.  Everyone has a relationship with God.  The only difference is the nature of that relationship with God.  For all who have not received the Gospel of Jesus Christ in faith, they are in an unreconciled, rebellious relationship with God.  This is a relationship marked by enmity with God and hostility towards Him and His ways (Rom. 8:7, James 4:4), and ultimately leads to destruction.

Instead of framing the conversation in terms of having a relationship with God, we should strive to frame it in terms of news being presented by an ambassadors.  We are Christ’s ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:20), people sent with a message for a specific purpose.  Our message from Christ is the Gospel: the news that Jesus Christ died on a cross for the sins of many and rose from the dead in victory over sin, death and the devil.  We have been given the task of taking this good news and presenting it to the world, for them to either receive in faith, or reject in unbelief.

To close, lets look at the relationship aspect again.  For once someone has received the Gospel in faith, we have the delightful privilege of explaining how his or her relationship with God has been radically altered by the grace of God in Jesus.  No longer is this person an enemy of God, one who is under God’s wrath, but rather, he or she is now a son or daughter of God, and reconciled to Him (meaning the relationship has been set right).  Every person who receives the Gospel in faith is now the recipient of every spiritual blessing of God in Christ (Eph. 1:3), and every promise He makes to His people (Rom. 8:28-30, Phil. 1:6).

Christian, praise God that you have a reconciled relationship with God, and the privilege of communing with Him, and living for Him, for the rest of your life (both temporally and eternally).  This has all been accomplished for you by Jesus Christ.  What an amazing Savior and King!

And if you are not a Christian, I pray that you would consider the news that we bring.  A Savior has been born.  A sacrifice has been made.  A King has been ordained.  And all people will be held accountable for whether or not they received or rejected these things.  I pray that you would receive Christ’s work upon the cross for your sin in faith and seek to live under the blessed rule of the King of all.



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