What’s Your Favorite Book?

12 Aug

I am an avid reader.  I enjoy detective novels, classics and some poetry.  Something about the way in which these talented authors put the text together and weave a story that captures my attention.  These stories provoke a multitude of emotions and thoughts as I turn the pages.

Yet, when I ask myself this question, I find myself compelled to answer: The Bible.

Now, it might seem anti-climactic.  The Bible?   Of course its the most important, but is it really your favorite?

Unlike any other book, the Bible paints a picture of unprecedented scope: the whole of creation.  It contains drama, intrigue, beauty, action, violence and love.  We see a all-powerful, loving, righteous and just God working things out according to His plan.  We are inextricably drawn to the characters of this story, seeing ourselves in their attitudes, emotions and failings.  We feel the weight of the plot, sin, upon our shoulders and wonder: What is going to happen?  What are the people going to do in order to solve this problem and restore themselves and their relationship with God?

The twist is that we soon come to recognize that they are unable to solve this problem. They cannot restore ourselves, nor their relationship with God.  They are unable to bring the world back to the way in which it was created. Sin has ended all hope and the story seems to be heading towards a dismal end.

Yet, that is where the greatest plot twist to ever be written is revealed to us: God solves their problem.  He solves their sin problem and He does so through the sacrifice of His own Son.  As we continue to read, we see how this divine act of justice, done on our behalf, is the grounds for God’s grace as He offers restoration, forgiveness and eternal life for the people through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, and His death and resurrection.  And as we finish the story, we realize that God has been working out this plan since the beginning, even before the creation of all things.  He has always had it as His plan to save a people through His Son for His glory.

Taking this story to a whole other level, we see that not only is it a story, but a true story.   In fact, the true story, written by the eternal author of all things visible and invisible, the Lord God.  And we see that this faith was not only offered to those sinful people in the story, but it is offered to us.  New life is offered to us through faith in the beautiful Gospel of God’s grace to us.We become participants in this story as we trust in Christ, recognizing His rightful authority over all and walk by faith.  Not only that, but we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to go forth and love God (through obedience to His will), and love others (proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples and doing good).

Thus, we see that the Bible is a book that helps us to see that we are a part of the larger work of the eternal author, who is continuing to write the story and direct all things to their appointed ends, for His glory and the good of His people.  The Bible is by far my favorite book.


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