Campus Crusade for Christ: Responding With Grace and Perseverance

22 Jul

Since the release of the new name of our ministry, Cru (to be integrated in January, 2012), we have received a good deal of negative feedback from news world, as well as from the lightning fast blogosphere, where anyone and everyone (including myself) can post their thoughts on anything for everyone to read.

There have been those who have said that we have removed “Christ” from the name because we see it as possibly offensive, including Glenn Beck of FOX News, who sarcastically denounced the name change.  Others have argued that Campus Crusade for Christ is trying to hide the fact that they are a Christian organization.  Worse yet, some believe this is a sign that the ministry has backed off its desire to reach students with the Gospel and achieve its mission: “To make movements everywhere, so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.”

How then shall we answer?  I believe there are two words that sum up the response Campus Crusade for Christ (the ministry with which I proudly serve) should have: Grace and Perseverance.  The Gospel is the foundation for the grace we should show others, for Jesus Christ Himself was cursed, wrongly judged, beaten and murdered.  And all He endured was so that we might receive the forgiveness of our sins and restoration in our relationship with God for His glory and our eternal joy.  Grace was show to us by Christ and we should show grace to those who hurl insults and denouncements upon us.  In a world that would expect an angry retaliation through the words of our leaders and staff through the various facets of technology, we can show that the love of God is within us by graciously understanding how people see this name change, the elimination of the word “Christ”, and explaining our reasoning for changing the name.

Yet, at the end of the day, there will be those who are not satisfied.  There will be those news columnists, radio personalities, bloggers and others who will not accept the fact that we have change the name of our ministry.  So, we as staff must humbly acknowledge this, remember our position in Christ, and seek to persevere in the work God has given us.  As we have said, we are not changing our mission, nor backing away from our status, and the role we play, as a Christian ministry on the campus and beyond.  Thus, we can show our devotion to Christ through the proclamation of His Gospel, the making of Christ-centered disciples and the sending of missionaries to all corners of the world.  This will certainly glorify God, and by the grace of God, continue to fulfill Bill Bright’s vision to reach the world for Christ.

Grace and Perseverance.


One Response to “Campus Crusade for Christ: Responding With Grace and Perseverance”

  1. David Best July 23, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    Some live life looking backward, some look to the future. Keep up the great work.

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