Tips For Fruitful Time In Studying Your Bible

5 Jun

In addition to encouraging and challenging people in their walks with Christ, this blog exists to provide tips and resources for you as you study God’s Word and do ministry.

The reason for this is because all ministry, all work that we do to the glory of God, stems from an understanding of His Word to us.  So, echoing the cry of the psalmist in Psalm 119, I pray that God would give us understanding according to His Word (Ps. 119:169), that His Word would sanctify us because it is truth (John 17:17), and that by abiding in the Word (both Christ and the scriptures) we might bear fruit to God’s glory and our joy (John 15:5,11).

First of All…
You must actually open the Bible to begin any effort of growing in your understanding of it and the God it reveals. Pick a book of the Bible and dedicate yourself to reading through that book during your Bible reading time. You don’t have to read the entire book at once, but choose a book (whether its Ruth, Psalms, The Gospel According to Matthew, or Ephesians) and stick with it!

A Necessary Next Step
Once you have your Bible open to what you have decided to read, spend time in prayer. I have often neglected this important aspect of reading God’s Word, but it is vital. We need to be humble as we approach God’s Word and recognize that apart from the indwelling power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are not capable of fully understanding the Scripture and being transformed by it. Ask for the Spirit to fill you and for God to grant you wisdom as you seek to learn from and about Him.

3 Questions To Ask In Reading the Bible

1. What is the main point of this passage?

2. What does this reveal about my sinful condition and need for a savior?

3. How does this passage point me to God’s plan to rescue a people through Jesus Christ?

Write It Down
We often have great thoughts in our time of studying God’s Word, but we frequently don’t write anything down. We merely read, ponder and then close the book before going on with the rest of the day’s activities. Don’t do that! Take the time to write down your thoughts, insights, and questions. These can be a great resource for future study and can be useful things to bring up with others, when discussing God’s Word. This is also a way we can go back and re-studying a text throughout the day and remind ourselves of what we have read.


These are merely a few things that can help you in your study of the Bible and enable you to grow in your relationship with our Sovereign Lord and Loving Savior! Let His Word transform you, stir up your affections for Him and equip you to live out a life of love to God and others!


Have Thoughts?

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